ATLAS Widgets

What is a Widget? 

Widgets are plug and play components you use to build and edit your website. They are designed to look great and be simple to use no matter what their function. You add widgets to the page sections using the blue plus Add Widget icon. 

Use the Widget Quick Find to jump to the instruction page for each widget. Explore widgets by type to find alternative widgets you may not have tried that do similar things to your old favorites. 

Widget Quick-find

Click the widget you wish to learn more about.


Explore Widgets by Type

Hero Widgets

The hero is top real estate on your site because it is often the first thing a user sees when they arrive. It is already a great area for marketing as you can change text and include a call to action (button) to take users into the site or inform them of important happenings. There are three types of hero widget to choose from, each with loads of customization. Properties include size, color overlays, text and buttons

Features & Content Widgets

These widgets are the hardest workers in ATLAS sites. The feature widgets are plug and play and easy to use. Each has customizable properties including photography, colors, buttons, margins and padding. These are the widgets you’ll reach for most often as you add content to your pages.

Directory Widgets

Each of these employee directory widget types are informed by the data living in the Directory Application in ATLAS.  This powerful database of employee information includes a photo, name, phone, email and bio. Each employee can be categorized by department and location. These two widgets display information similarly with photos, name, tile and a popup on click. One is presenting information by the department category and the other by the location category. Both automatically draw their data from the directory database so updating is easy.

News, Feeds, Blogs, & Events

Websites are improved by constantly refreshed content. This series of widgets represent various types of information that can be manually or dynamically updated such as blogs, news, social media, markets or weather.

Forms & Subscriptions

Custom forms can be created in the ATLAS Forms Application built with standard form entry fields. The Form widget places a selected form anywhere on a page. The E-mail Subscribe and Newsletter Subscribe widgets are pre-built, plug and play forms managed by the Email Marketing Application.


These two widgets are special purpose. The Javascript widget holds a custom Javascript provided by developers or third-party applications. The Repeater widget is helpful to organize lots of content, such as images, in columns and rows.