Anchor Atlas Widget

Atlas Anchor Widget

Last updated 03.29.24

The Anchor Atlas Widget allows you to add anchor tags to a page. Anchor tags are a way to take a website visitor to a specific part of a page on your website. Often, you have different sections on your pages that are important, but do not need their own standalone page. That’s where anchor tags come in. They allow you to drop an “anchor” right above a section, and then have dropdown menu item, pillar, button or link that takes a user directly to that section of the page. This makes longer pages easier to navigate on desktop and mobile. 

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Getting Started
VIDEO: Ading an Anchor Tag

How to add an Anchor Atlas Widget (anchor tag)

1. Select where on the page you would like the user to be directed and the anchor tag placed
2. Click on the blue plus add widget icon   
3. Select the Anchor Atlas widget from the widget pop up 
4. Once the widget is added to the page, hover over the added widget until it displays the properties and trash icons. Click on the gear-shaped properties icon. 

Anchor Atlas Properties

5. In the Anchor Atlas properties pop up you will need to type in the “Anchor ID”, this is the code name for the section. For example, if you are dropping in an anchor to take a user to the “Agronomy Team” section on the page, use “agronomy-team” 
Note anchor IDs cannot include any capital letters, special characters, or spaces. Use hyphens (-) in place of spaces.
6. Click Apply button to update the widget with selected properties. The properties pop up will automatically close.


How to link to an Anchor 

In widgets, pillars or text links, navigate to the page containing the anchor and add the anchor ID to the end of the URL. Example: /agronomy#agronomy-team 

How to delete the Anchor Atlas Widget

Hover over the Anchor Atlas widget until it displays the properties and trash icons and click on the trash icon to delete. 

How to reposition the Anchor Atlas Widget 

Hover over the Anchor Atlas widget until it displays the grab icon on the left. Simply drag and drop in a new location. 

Anchor Atlas Properties

AnchorText entry field for anchor page identifying text. Enter lower case text, separated by hyphens instead of spaces. Avoid all other special characters.


anchor tag #agronomy-team