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Let's Take A Look at That.

Things happen. In the age of the internet - troubleshooting issues is a common occurance. Most issues are fairly easy to fix, however some may take a more complex approach. 

We strive to make the issue resolving process as transparent and uncomplicated as possible. While there will be challenges along the way, it's our goal to work together to ease the growing pains. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

We're constantly asking ourselves, what do we want our customers to know? We get questions everyday that aren't as complicated as they seem, or have a basic explanation. Browse our frequently asked questions to answer yours!

Why isn't a page saving after I make changes?

Problem solving this issue begins with clearing your browser cache. Click to learn how to do or if you are still unable to save your page after clearing your cache.

Why isn't news article showing up in my newsfeed?

This more than likely has to do with the date you set for your article. Make sure that your date is reflective of today's date. Not working? Click to continue problem solving.

Why does my event have the wrong time?

Kentico's servers run off of Universal Time (UTC). Click to view a table of time conversions from Universal time to your timezone.

And More...

View our full list of frequently asked questions. We're continually adding to them to ensure you are able to problem solve issues quickly!