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About ATLAS & Kentico


Winfield United’s ATLAS team is responsible for all things digital. This includes the ATLAS websites, as well as email, digital content, retailer portals, and other agriculture technology tools. 


We chose Kentico as our web management platform because it is a developer’s platform. This means we can customize and develop the platform to best meet the needs of our customers. We continue to make changes and updates to the platform based on the feedback and requests we get from our retailers.  

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ATLAS Support

The ATLAS Support section provides information about how to build in Kentico 12, what all the elements of Kentico 12 do and how they work together. This is where you’ll find practical guides to each widget and application as well as answers to those questions we hear most often.

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ATLAS Content

Through our library of digital assets, email marketing templates, and our network of digital marketing influencers, we strive to help you navigate the world of digital marketing. Our library of the starter campaigns are available to you to use & localize to fit your needs! These starter campaigns are an easy way to get relevant, crafted information out to your customers in an easy manner. The pictures, articles & other assets have already been created, you just need to request the campaign or download the content!

We will continue to add to this library as they become available--so check back often!

ATLAS Resources

In the ATLAS Resources section we provide links to various types of content that will help you build your site. This includes a huge selection of free high-quality photography, live weather applications and recommendations for graphics applications for image creation. If you use icons in your site you’ll also find them organized by type to increase ease of use.