Best Practices

Why Kentico?

We chose Kentico as the platform to host ATLAS websites because it’s a developer’s platform that allows for customization. Our team has worked hard to use that customization to build an environment that dynamically meets the needs of our retailers. The expansive widget library is designed to allow you to build a website that is unique to your goals, brand, and customers. 

Widgets and pages can be used in a variety of ways, but for the optimal performance of your site, we’ve developed some best practices and tips. These our expert recommendations on how to use each page type, widget, and application. These recommendations will help you build and maintain a strong foundation while also helping you reach your digital marketing and accessibility goals.  

Be sure to check back often as we continue to add to these resources.

Explore Best Practices

There is more to a website than just how it looks. To maintain and expand a professional website there needs to be a few best practices to follow. Explore advice here.