Email Best Practices

Oct 18, 2022

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your customers and deliver valuable content. However, its important to keep in mind that there are many different email servers that all have their own requirements for successful email delivery. To ensure your email ends up delivered to your customers’ inboxes, be sure to follow these best practices. For additional information regarding email marketing, check out the Email Marketing Application.


Feed Configuration

Emails in Kentico are organized in folders or email feeds. It’s important that these feeds are set up correctly so that all emails within the feed are delivered successfully.  

1. Select the email feed you wish to edit by clicking on the green pencil
2. Select Configuration tab
3. Enter your Display name, Sender Name, Sender Email address, and Unsubscription Email Template 
4. Add your Base URL. This is the base URL for your website and must include https:// 
5. Click Add templates under Email templates and add the 2021 Dynamic Template 
6. Select Save.



Though these are not system requirements, following these image best practices will help you to mitigate spam. For more information, see Image Optimization.

1. Make sure image files are no larger than 600 pixels in width. Images will dynamically adjust to fit this appearance, but they will still carry the weight of the uploaded file size. 
2. Include an image URL for all images. This will default to the home page of your site unless otherwise specified.
3. Enter Alt or Alternative text. This is an accessibility feature that many emailer servers now reference.



Email cloning is an easy way to reuse standard templates or regular email messages. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Never clone an email that has already been sent. This can create a messy web of information that may cause delivery issues.
2. Create an email draft that is never sent and use it as a template. If there’s a regular message or layout you use, create a template email that is marked as such. This email should never be sent and therefore can be easily cloned.

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