The Best Widgets for Announcements

Aug 23, 2023

Looking for a way to display announcements on your websites? Since the retirement of the Banners widget in the migration to Kentico 12, we have received a lot of questions about the best way to display an announcement on a web page. The good news is many of our Atlas widgets can be put to work here depending on the look you’re going for! See some of our suggestions and examples below. Click the image to see the example in use on a live page!


Our WYSIWYG Widget is one of our simplest widgets to use. We recommend first adding a new grid section where you’d like the WYSIWYG widget to appear. In the grid properties you can adjust margin, padding, and background color. Then add in the WYSIWYG widget and simply type in your announcement text. Adjust the text formatting as needed.


Feature Callout Widget

Offering a similar appearance to the WYSIWYG widget, the Feature Callout widget provides a more autoformatted approach. After adding the Feature Callout widget to the page, you can choose to add a header, sub header, and even a button if you need to link to additional information. The content field will provide additional formatting tools you can use to customize your text. Background color, margins, and padding can all be adjusted withing the Feature Callout widget.

Image Editable Widget

The Image Editable widget is a great option if you’d like to create a custom banner graphic in a design program and feature it on your web page. Note that this widget only allows for one image size that will automatically adjust to the device it’s being viewed on. Keep this in mind when creating your graphic as it will be much smaller when viewed on mobile devices. This widget also allows you to add an image URL that the user will be brought to if they click the image. We recommend this graphic be 1920 px wide.

Bottom Bar Widget

The Bottom Bar Widget is displayed at the bottom of the window the page is viewed on. It is meant for short text phrases and can contain up to 2 buttons. This is great for sharing brief announcements or alerts that link out to additional content.

Hero Slick Slider Widget

The Hero Slick Slider is our most popular tool for communicating announcements and updates on a home page. Add slides to the folder selected as your Hero Slick Slider page path to have them display within the Hero Slick Slider. A major benefit of this option is the ability to schedule when these slides are available. Set a publish to and publish from date to have the content featured in the slick slider at a certain time without having to manually update.

If you have more questions about the best way to display your announcements or other content, please reach out to our team at

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