Form Widget

Form Widget

Last updated 03.29.24

The Form widget is a container for a standard interactive form with data entry fields and a submit button. The Form widget allows you to select from any forms that have been created in the Forms Application and add them to the page. 

For the widget to function the first step is to build a form within the Forms Application.

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Add Form to the page

Two-Step Process 
Creating the form is a two-step process of creating the form in the Form Application and then selecting that form in the Form Widget.
1. Select where on the page you would like the widget to appear. 
2. Click on the blue plus add widget icon   
3. Select the Form widget from the widget pop up 
4. Once the widget is added to the page, hover over the added widget until it displays the properties and trash icons. Click on the gear-shaped properties icon. 

Form Properties

5. In the Form properties menu, visible only in editing view, simply select the desired form from the list of existing forms in the Forms Application


How to delete the Form Widget

Hover over the Form widget until it displays the properties and trash icons and click on the trash icon to delete. 

How to reposition the Form Widget

Hover over the Form widget until it displays the grab icon on the left. Simply drag and drop in a new location. 


The Form Widget requires you to select an existing form from the menu. Then it automatically drops the working form on the page.

Form widget with drop down selection of available forms

Demonstration Form

This is an example form.
Please do not upload files containing personal identifiable information (PII). This includes but is not limited to SSN, credit card number, driver's license number, or taxpayer ID.