Product Category Widget

Product Category Widget

Last updated 03.29.24

The Product Category widget is part of the Product Application. The product catalog application in total creates an interactive, non-e-commerce product catalog with multiple product categories.  
The Product Category widget automatically creates the product catalog navigation based on data in the Product Application. It lives on product page types and its appearance depends upon the transformation you select: list or accordion. Clicking on either list links or accordion links takes you to the main product categories. 

For this widget to function, there needs to be products added to the Product Application. The Product Application is a powerful database of product information that is easy to edit and manage in one place while automatically feeding data into widgets such as this one. 

How to add a Product Category Widget

1. Select where on the page you would like the blog feed to appear
2. Click on the blue plus add widget icon   
3. Select the Product Category widget from the widget pop up 
4. Once the widget is added to the page, hover over the added widget until it displays the properties and trash 
    icons. Click on the gear-shaped properties icon. 

Product Category Properties

5. In the Product Category properties pop up, select 
6. Click Apply button to update the widget with selected properties. The properties pop up will automatically close.

How to delete the Product Category Widget

Hover over the Product Category widget until it displays the properties and trash icons and click on the trash icon to delete. 

How to reposition the Product Category Widget

Hover over the Product Category widget until it displays the grab icon on the left. Simply drag and drop in a new location. 

Product Category Widget Properties

Show Main LinkCheckbox shows or hides a navigation link back to the main product page. Only available in accordion layout
Select Master CategorySelect from available categories created in the Product Application
Select Layout


  • Accordion – transformation layout that displays all the product categories as clickable navigation that persists on all product pages in the catalog
  • List – transformation layout that displays the list of product categories as thumbnails with links to click through to main category pages

Order By


  • Item Number Ascending
  • Name Ascending
  • Priority Order – priority order is defined in the Product Application

Items per row (Large screens)

Items per row (Medium screens)

Items per row (Small screens)

Applicable only for List Layout. Enter items per row to display. 4-5 recommended for desktop view, 3-4 for tablet view and 1 for mobile view.
Show Thumbnail
Checkbox - Applicable only for List Layout. When checked it displays the category image from the Product Application.


See the Product Category Widget used on a Product Master Category Page Type.