ATLAS - Product Category Page Type

ATLAS - Product Category Page Type

Last updated 03.29.24

The Atlas - Product Category Page Type is part of the Product Application. The product catalog application in total creates an interactive, non-e-commerce product catalog with multiple product categories. 

It is best thought of as a category list page. This lists all the products flagged with a particular category in the Product Application. Products can be flagged to be in more than one category and will automatically appear on any category list page for that category. Each product and its detail information need be entered only once but can appear in many category list pages.

For the product catalog to function, there needs to be products added to the Product Application as well as existing product category and product detail pages in your site. The Product Application is a powerful database of product information that is easy to edit and manage in one place while automatically feeding data into pages such as this one.

Getting Started

From within the Pages Application select a location in the content tree for your product category listing page and click on the plus icon. From the pages selection list, choose Atlas - Product Master Category page type.

Select the Product Category Listing custom template and click continue. Complete the properties settings and then save. The templated page will automatically be added to the content tree.

Recommended template

The Product Category Listing page template provides various pre-placed widgets to speed the build of the page. Each widget needs to have their properties adjusted to complete the content. Visit each widget page to explore their custom properties settings.

1. Product Category Widget placed to the left side to create the product catalog navigation. This navigation is persistent throughout the product catalog for ease of browsing.

2. Product Category is a custom section on the main part of the page that automatically feeds in all the products flagged with the category selected in the properties.

3. News Feed Widget for Latest News - adjust properties to select a news feed. This widget can be deleted if wished.

4. Events Widget - adjust properties to select events. This widget can be deleted if wished.


Text entry field for the page name – this name will automatically appear as the header above the product listing
Select Category (required)
Select a category from the drop-down menu which will be populated by categories entered in the Product Application
Facebook Image
Select image from Media Library Application
Publish from
Select date from calendar interface
Publish to
Select date from calendar interface

Example Product Category Page Type

Explore a small Lubricants Product Catalog. Note that this is the style of the product catalog out of the box. Team up with the ATLAS Development Team to style the catalog to integrate with your brand.