Media Libraries Application

Media Libraries Application

Last updated 04.01.24

The Media Libraries Application is the digital asset management of the website. It contains images, documents and video files. It’s possible to create numerous libraries, folders and various sub-folders to manage assets in a way that is most efficient for an organization. 

Be alert that moving assets in the library can break the links to that asset if it is being used on the site.

Media files are displayed in list format by default within the media library but can also be viewed as images. They are organized alphabetically by default but can be reordered by type, size and date modified.

Media files tend to be the largest items in file size that are added to the website. Fast download and responsiveness are important to end users so keeping these at their smallest file size is critical. Review Best Practices for media files >.

How to access the Media Libraries

From the Atlas Kentico main dashboard open the Application List by clicking on the white sun icon on orange on the upper left. From here, shortcut to the Media Libraries application by typing “Media” in the search applications field. Click on “Media Libraries” to open application.

Media Libraries Properties

UploadClick to open dialog box accessing files on your local drive to upload to the Media Library. Select one or more files.
HelpHelp Notes:
  1. Enter a valid file name. Any special characters or a very long name are not allowed. 
  2. Image size not more than 100KB
  3. Upload a maximum number of 100 files in a folder
Listing Mode(Default) shows files in a text-based list mode
Thumbnails ModeClick Thumbnails mode to see files in a thumbnails format in rows and columns - helpful for previewing images
ViewThe eye-shaped View icon responds differently on click depending on the media type:
View Image: opens a new window with a full-sized version of the image for review or download
View Document: opens document in a new window for review or download
View Video: downloads a copy of the video file to your local hard drive
EditThe pencil-shaped Edit Icon responds differently on click depending on the media type:
Edit Image: opens a light image editor for resizing, cropping, rotating, updating properties and more
Edit Document: opens the metadata properties of name, title and description of the document for updating
Edit Video: opens the metadata properties of name, title and description of the video for updating
DeleteClicking on the trashcan-shaped Delete Icon deletes the file from the Media Library
UpdateClicking on the arrow-shaped Update Icon opens a dialog box to upload revised media to the Media Library which replaces the file with the new one
Selected Files/All FilesPerform batch changes by clicking on the checkbox next to one or more media files or selecting all files, selecting from the action menu and clicking okay.
Select Action:
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Import
File [tab]
Shows the direct path and permalink path URLs to the item in the media library. Occasionally useful when creating direct links to a media image - for this the direct path URL is recommended.
Thumbnail [tab]
Select upload to add an optional thumbnail image as a companion to any media file. Once uploaded the file can be edited, deleted or updated.
Edit [tab]
Allows editing of media file’s name, title and description