ATLAS Location Page Type

ATLAS Location Page Type

Last updated 03.29.24

The ATLAS - Location Page Type is used to build location detail pages.  In order to set up this page, a location must be selected from the Directory or Locations Application. Location information such as contact information, services, images, and a location map are then automatically displayed on the page. There is also an option to add additional content images and text to the page once it has been created. Many widgets can be added to the page such as the Location Employees Widget.

Getting Started

1. In the Pages Application, click the plus icon to add a new page to the content tree
2. Select ATLAS Location Page Type from list of available page types
3. Complete the properties below
4. Click save


Name (required)
Text entry field for location name. Note the name must match the name selected from the location menu below
Select from menu of location names generated by the Locations Application.
Publish from
Select date from calendar interface
Publish to
Select date from calendar interface