ATLAS - Content Images Page Type

ATLAS - Content Images Page Type

Last updated 03.29.24

The Atlas - Content Images Page Type is not really a page but an interface for adding thumbnail graphics or icons to the content tree. These images can then be called into the Repeater Widget for display on the page. This can be handy for displaying a gallery of small images, logos or icons in columns and rows. Each of these can be given a URL.

Gather these Atlas - Content Images Page Types into a folder to keep your content tree tidy and make it easy for the Repeater Widget to connect to the correct content.

Getting Started

1. In the Pages Application, click the plus icon to add a new page to the content index
2. Select Folder from list of available page types. Note the folder-shaped icon.
3. While the Folder is active, click the plus icon to add the Atlas - Content Images Page Type 
4. Complete properties fields below
5. Click Save
6. Add as many additional content images to the folder as needed
7. Select the Repeater Widget on your selected page to display the images or icons and navigate to your folder in the Properties. See the Repeater Widget help page for more information.


Title (required)Text entry field for image/icon name
DescriptionParagraph text for image description
  •      Image
  •      Icon – if selected, choose from available Icons and add “fa-class” text here
Thumbnail ImageSelect image from Media Library Application
Thumbnail Image Alt TextThe purpose of alt text is to describe visual elements to users who can’t see them, either because the image failed to load or because they are using a screen reader.
Thumbnail Image TitleTooltip type text which appears on image hover
Thumbnail Image DescriptionText describing details of an image to provide more complete information
URLText entry field for URL
Link TargetSelect:
  • Default
  • Blank (open in new tab)
Publish fromSelect date from calendar interface
Publish toSelect date from calendar interface


Featuring the Repeater Widget pointing to a Folder of seed company logo images created as Atlas - Content Images. Each has a URL set to open in a new page.