Contact Groups Application

Contact Groups Application

Last updated 04.01.24

The Contact Groups Application allows you to manage the groups of contacts that receive email marketing messages. Emails sent through the Email Marketing Application are sent to contact groups, not individual contacts. 

How to access the Contact Groups Application

From the Atlas Kentico main dashboard open the Application List by clicking on the white sun icon on orange on the upper left. From here, shortcut to the Contact Groups application by typing “contact groups” in the search applications field. Click on “Contact Groups” to open application.

Adding Contact Groups

  • To add a new contact group, click the New contact group button. 
  • Enter the name of your contact group. "Code name" will auto-populate when you move to the next field.
  • Add a description of the group if you choose.
  • If you would like contacts added to this group automatically based on a defined condition, select the "Condition-based contact group" check box.

Editing Existing Contact Groups

  • To manage an existing Contact Group, select the green pencil next to the group you wish to manage.
  • To change the contact group name, change the text that appears in the "Name" field. 
  • DO NOT change the text that appears in the "Code name" field. This is used in API calls and URLs and should only be updated by the ATLAS team.
  • Add or remove contacts from your group by selecting Contacts on the left hand menu. 
  • Click the red trash can next to a contact to remove it.
  • To add a contact, select "Add contacts" and select the contacts you wish to add to the group. To add a new contact not already in your contacts, go to the Contact Management Application.