ATLAS - Job Postings (Interns)

ATLAS - Job Postings (Interns)

Last updated 03.29.24

The ATLAS Job Posting Intern Page Type is a pre-formatted page type featuring fields specifically related to intern job postings. Page content is entered into pre-designated fields and then automatically formatted on the page. Content fields that are not needed can be left blank and will not show on the page. A side bar features fields for application links. This page type can not be customized.

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Getting Started

1. In the Pages Application, click the plus icon to add a new page to the content index
2. Select the  ATLAS - Job Postings (Interns) Page Type from list of available page types.
3. Complete properties fields below
4. Click Save


Name (required)Text entry field for page name in content tree and page title
Social Media ImageSelect image from Media Library Application. The ideal image size for a social media image post is 720px, 960px, or 2048px wide, with flexibility in the corresponding height
About The CompanyDescription of the hiring company
The PositionDescription of the posted position
How to ApplyDescription of how to apply for the position
Other DutiesDescriptions of other duties associated with the position
Content SectionAdditional content associated with job description
Date PostedDate position is shown as being posted
Apply Online LinkURL for applicants to apply for the position online
Download Job Application LinkSelect PDF job application from the Media Libraries Application
Sidebar Content SectionAdditional content to be included in the application sidebar
PublishingPublish from – Select date from calendar interface
Publish to – Select date from calendar interface


Click to see an example Intern Job Posting page