Timeline Application

Timeline Application

Last updated 04.01.24

The Timeline Application is a database of information, including photography, organized by year to be featured in the Timeline Widget.

How to access the Timeline Application

From the Atlas Kentico main dashboard open the Application List by clicking on the white sun icon on orange on the upper left. From here, shortcut to the Timeline application by typing “Timeline” in the search applications field. Click on “Timeline” to open application.

Adding a New Timeline Entry

1. Navigate to the Timeline Application
2. Select “New Timeline Item” 
3. In the New Timeline Item window, add various properties including title, descriptive text and image. 
4. Click Save to save the Timeline item. 

Timeline Item Properties

Code Name  ATLAS will generate a code name for you if you leave this blank
DateDate data drives the order in which the timeline items are displayed on the page
Title (Required)Text entry for the title that will appear in the timeline entry
ImageSelect image for automatic display in timeline (note more images can be included in the description area)
CategorySelect category from widget categories menu created in the Widget Categories Application.
Marker StyleAdjusts the style of the marker for each entry in the Timeline. Select from:
  • Large – large dot 
  • Small – small dot


View the Timeline data as it appears in the Timeline Widget.