New Widgets

Aug 07, 2023

We are excited to introduce 4 new widgets to our widget library! These are widgets that have been requested by users, fill a gap that is currently met with custom styling or replace the need to use multiple widgets. We hope these are tools that help you add unique style and character to your pages. 

Quote Widget - Coming this month!

The Quote Widget is a plug and play component designed to add a styled quote to the page. Choose from several styles and transformations to display a quote, author, author title, and image on the page. This is a great tool for displaying customer testimonials or adding employee experiences to your career page!

Gallery Widget - Coming this month!

The Gallery Widget is a plug and play component designed to display a collection of photographs or images. Select a number of images to be displayed in a sliding carousel. Images can vary in size and have the option to include captions.

Horizontal Line Widget - Available now!

The Horizontal Line Widget is a plug and play component designed to add a horizontal line to the page. Choose from a variety of line styles, lengths, and colors. This a great tool for breaking up content on a page or adding some style!

Feature Large A Video Widget - Available now!

The Feature Large A Video Widget is a plug and play component designed to hold text, a linked streaming video from YouTube or Vimeo and up to two buttons with or without a background color. It’s styled to look great no matter what your content. 

Look for these new widgets to be added to your widget menu this month!

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