Safety Data Sheets Application

Safety Data Sheets Application

Last updated 04.01.24

The Safety Data Sheets Application manages a database of safety data sheets in PDF format by name and category for placement on the page in the Safety Data Accordion Widget.

Though initially designed to manage large numbers of safety data sheets, the application could be repurposed for other large collections of PDFs in categories. 

How to access the Safety Data Sheets Application

From the Atlas Kentico main dashboard open the Application List by clicking on the white sun icon on orange on the upper left. From here, shortcut to the Safety Data Sheets application by typing “Data” in the search applications field. Click on “Safety Data Sheets” to open application.

Getting Started

  1. Build your database of Safety Data Sheets by first uploading the files to an identifiable folder in the Media Library  Application. 
  2. Create categories for different types of Safety Data items by clicking “new” under the Safety Data Category tab. Any  categories added here will appear in the drop-down menu when adding a new Safety Data item. Categories you create will automatically generate a series of accordion panes in the Safety Data Accordion Widget on the web page. 
  3. Add Safety Data items (PDFs) by clicking “new” under the Safety Data items tab. These items will automatically appear in the correct accordion pane in the Safety Data Accordion Widget on the web page.
  4. Adjust properties
  5. Click save

New Data Item Properties

Item name (Required)
Add descriptive item name which will appear on the page
Select PDF document from the Media Library Application
Category Name
Select from list of categories created in the Safety Data Category tab

New Category Properties

CodeName (Required)Text automatically generated by the application. Should only be modified by developers.
Category NameEnter text of category name. This will be visible on the page as a header for the expandable accordion pane and appear in the Category Name menu
EnabledCheckbox will enable or disable this category