Feature Callout Widget with New Reveal Window

Dec 20, 2023

The Feature Callout Widget is a popular way to create an eye-catching, colorful announcement of key information. It's a rectangular box with a solid color background, space for text and up to two buttons. 

Like so many of the ATLAS website widgets, the Feature Callout Widget is very flexible and customizable. The widget itself expands to fill the grid space it is placed into. This means it can be a very small square with a short bit of copy or a much larger square with more copy and up to two buttons. But occasionally there is a need to include even more related information associated with the callout. A solution to this demand for a more dynamic and flexible version of this popular widget is now available.

New Pop-up Feature

The abilities of the Feature Callout Widget have been dramatically expanded to include the option of pop-up box that contains further information. Activating this feature simply requires checking the "enable pop-up feature" checkbox. 

Once activated, the properties window will show additional options for customizing the pop-up box in addition to adding your text content. These features include a background color or a background image. A standard text editing feature allows for the styling of any copy added to the pop-up. If the text length is robust, the pop-up will automatically add a scroller feature for quick and easy scrolling through the content. 

Your end-user will click the plus icon to the upper right to open the pop-up and click the minus icon to close it. 



Though we refer to the new feature as a pop-up box, it is in reality a reveal window. This is key because it is not suppressed by pop-up ad blockers on your user's websites. 


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