Bottom Bar Widget Enhancement

May 14, 2024

More Features Available to Style the Bottom Bar Widget

The Bottom Bar Widget is a UI component that appears at the bottom of the browser window. It's perfect for displaying key messages continuously and catching the site visitor's attention. 

This widget has been available for a while in a simple format. The team saw potential in the widget to be more flexible and powerful. The bottom bar can now be clicked closed by the user after they have taken the message on board. The ability to clear the visual from the screen is especially kind to mobile users who need every inch of their screen real estate to view content. 

The background color of the bottom bar has always been customizable but now the layout of the text and buttons can be organized to left and right alignments expanding the way content is presented. A single button, for example, can now be centered on the bottom bar for a clean, balanced look. Text content alone will fill the bar to make use of all the available space. All elements can be aligned left or right as well.

These updates to various properties make the Bottom Bar Widget a powerful tool for communicating with your site visitor about urgent and important facts. Check out the features of the widget next time you are building a page so you are ready to take advantage of this great little widget.


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