Alt Tags Added to Key Elements to Boost SEO

Dec 20, 2023

Take advantage of newly-added "Alt Text" properties in site header, footer and various logos on your website.

We’ve added a significant enhancement to our SEO strategy: the addition of Alt tags to key elements including headers, footers, and logos. Alt tags are instrumental in enhancing website accessibility and SEO effectiveness.

By including descriptive Alt tags for essential components like headers, footers, and logos, we're ensuring that our content is more accessible to users with disabilities. Moreover, search engines utilize Alt tags to comprehend the content of images, ultimately improving a website's ranking in search results and driving increased organic traffic.

Curious about how to improve Search Engine Optimization? Please feel free to direct your questions to the Support Site Inbox. 

In the meantime, head over to the Atlas Videos section of this site to learn about how to Get Started with SEO >>

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