Maxtron Deo

Diesel Engine Oil

Maxtron® DEO

Gallon Jug

Cenex Maxtron DEO is the smartest oil for the toughest conditions. Formulated with EnduroVis™ star polymer technology for exceptional oil durability and improved engine performance.
  • Up to 7x more shear stable than competitors
  • Improved performance in extreme temperatures
  • Decreases downtime by reducing maintenance without sacrificing oil quality
  • Restores fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and 2% in normal conditions

General Description

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General Description

Maxtron® DEO synthetic blend diesel engine oils are engineered to protect all Tier IV and low emission engines and their exhaust after treatment systems. This robust formulation is also designed to provide additional protection for older engines.

Maxtron DEO is designed for longer engine life through enhanced oxidation performance in fleet, construction and agriculture equipment under the most extreme conditions. It has undergone thousands of hours of engine testing and millions of miles of field testing to give superior backward-compatible and unsurpassed engine protection.

Maxtron DEO is formulated with an industry leading 5 SSI advanced radial polymer, EnduroVisTM. This superior radial polymer provides best-in-class shear stability and protection against viscosity loss due to mechanical and chemical stress in heavy duty diesel engines. This enhancement keeps critical engine components clean from deposit build-up, resulting in improved fuel economy and protection of critical engine parts.

Expect excellent performance in these applications:

Four-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
All Tier IV Final engine
Excellent backward compatibility, suitable to all pre 2010 engines
When using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel

Features and Benefits

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  •  Oxidation Prevention: Advanced new anti- oxidant technology prevents oil degradation and thickening under high operating temperatures, retaining proper viscosity and wear protection.
  • Oil Durability: This oxidation system is specially blended to provide longer oil and engine life. Reduced air entrainment also leads to stronger film strength.
  • Exceptional Soot Control: Proven soot control that exceeds the requirements of both new and older engines. Controlling and dispersing soot is critical for reducing engine wear and extending engine life.
  • TBN Retention: A high Total Base Number (TBN) and excellent TBN retention means that more combustion contaminants (deposits, soot, acids) can be held in suspension and neutralized during the course of a drain interval.
  • Volatility Control: Less oil volatility provides reduced consumption, lower deposits, and reduced oil into the emission system.
  • Enhanced with EnduroVisTM: This new radial polymer technology is engineered to retain its form as it moves through the engine, providing exceptional shear stability and essentially no viscosity breakdown under severe engine stress and heavy loads.
  • Deposit and Consumption Control: Engine and field testing confirms an excellent reduction in deposits and oil consumption leading to longer engine life, emission and (DPF) system life.
  • Reserve Protection: Maxtron DEO features the extra reserve built into the oil. This reserve capacity suspends additional soot, neutralizes additional acids and reduces wear for longer engine life.
  • ​Extended Drain: Maxtron DEO is capable of extended drain service with new and older engines using today’s fuels. This should be determined with a regular LubeScan® used oil analysis.