ATLAS - Pillar Page Type

ATLAS - Pillar Page Type

Last updated 12.20.22

The ATLAS - Pillar Page Type template makes it easy to add and organize the content that will appear in a linked Pillars Atlas Widget on the webpage. 

Getting Started

1. In the Pages Application, click the plus icon to add a new page to the content index
2. Select the Folder Page Type 
3. With the folder selected, add ATLAS - Pillar Page Type from list of available page types.
4. Complete properties fields below
5. Click Save


Pillar Page Name (required)Text entry field for pillar name in content tree and page title
Pillar Header (required)Text entry field for header that appears on page
Pillar TextText entry field for limited additional text below header
Pillar Link WrapperDestination link for pillar if applicable
Pillar Link TargetChose from:
  • Default
  • Blank (open in new tab)
GraphicGraphic can be an icon from the Fort Awesome Library or image from Media Libraries Application. Image dimensions depend on visual design.
Pillar IconSelect an icon from the ATLAS AgTech Icons library. Insert the exact icon code appearing below the icon to display. Example: "fa-location-on"
  • Publish from – Select date from calendar interface
  • Publish to – Select date from calendar interface


Below is an example of the Pillar Widget which features four Pillar Page Type content elements. 


Ut enim ad minim veniam


Fugiat nulla pariatur


Deserunt mollit anim


Exercitation ullamco laboris