Social Feeds Application

Social Feeds Application

Last updated 04.01.24

Allows you to add and edit the company Twitter account name, Twitter handle and login values to initiate the feed for the Twitter Widget.

Please note that Facebook and Instagram changed their API and have made it far more difficult to reliably connect and display the feeds. If you need these to appear on your site, contact to discuss.

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How to access the Social Feeds Application

From the Atlas Kentico main dashboard open the Application List by clicking on the white sun icon on orange on the upper left. From here, shortcut to the Social Feeds application by typing “Social” in the search applications field. Click on “Social Feeds” to open application.

Adding a New Social Feed

1. Navigate to the Social Feeds Application
2. Click “New Social Feed” button 
3. In the New Timeline Item window, add various properties including name and account (Twitter recommended). 
4. Click Save to save the Social Feed item. 

Social Feed Properties

Display Name (Required)
Add descriptive name to select via the Twitter Widget
Code Name (Required)
Automatically created by the system
Account Type
Selecting Twitter recommended
Twitter Handle
For example “@WinfieldInsight”. Please include the @ symbol.
Twitter Consumer Key
Private code obtained from Twitter account
Twitter Consumer Secret
Private code obtained from Twitter account