Uploading a Contact List

What are contact Lists used for?

Contact lists are used in the email marketing portion of Kentico. By uploading a contact list, you can seperate email recpients into groups to make sending an email to multiple customers easier. You can upload as many lists and you need which is helpful for all the different segments of your customer base. 

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Contact List Creating and Import

Creating a Contact  List as a .CSV File

1: Contact list should separate information into columns.  The below information is all that is necessary to send an email through Kentico. If you only have a Farm Name and email, put the farm name as both the first and the last name.

2: Once you have your list created in excel, save the file. It is recommended that you save the file along with a date that the file was updated, so you know you are importing the most recent updated file. You will use this same excel file for all future uploads, so as customers change, make sure you update this file and resave with a new date.

It will need to be saved as a .csv file. You can do this by changing the “Save as type” from an excel file to a .csv file.

Importing a Contact List

1: Navigate to Contact Management. Use the Kentico logo to open the search bar to search for the application.

2:  Click on Contact Import. (If you have access to more than one site, make sure you have the correct site selected on the left)

4: Grab the file from your computer and click on open.

5: Name the Contact Group (examples: “Propane Customers” “VIP Customers”  “Agronomy Customers” “Internal Staff” etc.). You also have the option to important contacts into an existing group. Use this when updating a contact list.

6: Map your columns. This identifies what the columns are. For the example I am providing, I will map the first column to First Name, Second to Last Name, and Third to Email Address.

7:  After you have mapped your columns, click on import contacts at the top of the page.

8: After the contact import, the screen will let you know if contacts were imported. It will update any duplicate emails, this is why you should keep a single, accurate contact list. As email addresses change, it will update that automatically.