Special Location Hours Widget

What Are Special Hours?

During certain times of the year, departments or locations may have special extended or reduced hours. For example, in the fall a retailer may extend the hours at their grain receiving locations to handle all the grain coming in.

We have created a way to display these special hours and keep website visitors up to date with the latest information. The widget allows you to set special hours for certain locations, while maintaining regular hours for the rest of the locations on your location pages.

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

Adding Special Hours for a Location

1: Navigate to the Directory application in the back end of Kentico

2: Under locations, use the green pencil to edit the location you would like to add specialty hours

3: Scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a check box for specialty hours, check the box to add specialty hours for that location.

4: Once the box is checked, you can now add special hours for each day of the week.

5: Once you have your hours configured, save the page at the top and repeat process for any other location that will have special hours.


Dropping the Special Houurs Widget onto a Page

1: Navigate to the Pages Application in Kentico

2: Either add a new page to your content tree or click on the page you would like the widget to display.

3: Add a grid layout widget to your page by clicking on the very first hamburger button in the top right of your webpage and selecting “Add new widget”

5: In the Grid Layout Widget Settings, leave all settings as in, but towards the bottom add 3 rems of padding for the Top and Bottom of the widget (so there is space between the widgets on page). Then save & Close

6: Click on the hamburger icon inside your new grid layout widget and click “Add new widget”.

7: Search for ATLAS Location Special Hours Widget and select

8: The only thing you need to do to configure the widget is decide what you want the title to be. You can change to “Grain Hours” “Harvest Hours” “Holiday Hours” or whatever you would like to explain what these special hours are for. Then save & close the widget.

9: Now your hours will display for each location that has the “specialty hours” box checked in the directory. It will display as an accordion with the hours and the location’s phone number