Pulling Site Analytics Report

Why Pull A Site Analytics Report?

Analytics are a great way to gauge the overall health of your site! Tracking trends & learning what pages your customers are visiting give you the ability to see inside the minds of your users. It also helps you focus your attention to places on the site that need improvement--or take advantage of high trafficed areas to reach the majority of your customers.

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Analytics: Pulling a Report

When you first go into the Web Analytics Module, you will first be viewing the dashboard. This is just a snapshot of the information that is available through this module.

Use the table on the left to navigate to all the different types of analytics available for your site.

“Page Views” is one of the most powerful ones and allows you to see where customers are spending the most of their time.

With any analytics page, you can pull a report by clicking on the print button in the top left corner:

Continue to do this on all the analytics pages you want to have a report for.