Pulling an Email Analytics Report

Why Pull An Email Analytics Report?

After sending an email, it is important to follow up on how well the campaign did. Pulling an analytics report is the biggest piece to showing effectiveness.

You should give the campaigns at least a 24 hour window after it is sent for people to open it—meaning you should wait at least that amount of time before pulling the analytics report.

Download the PDF Version

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1: Navigate to Email Marketing Application:

2: Open up the relevant Email Feed:


3: Open the sent email:


The next steps can be repeated depending on if you want to pull Opens or Clicks. When pulling clicks, you will need to pull a report for each link that was included in the email.

4: Under the reports section, click on either opens or clicks:


5: Click on the hamburger button:


6: Then click on advanced export:


7: Uncheck the box for current page only—because you’ll want to make sure that you include all pages of emails! Then click export.


These steps can be completed for clicks. If your email had multiple clicks, and you would like to know when clicked on which one (or all), make sure you pull a report for each individual link by clicking on the hyperlinked number under the unique clicks column and repeat the above steps.