Pillars Widget

What Are ATLAS Pillars?

ATLAS Pillars are columns that display an image or icon, header text, and descriptive text. They also have the ability to link out to other places within the site, the web, or a document. Especially places in the site that are not visible by navigation on mobile. 

How Do You Use The ATLAS Pillars?

ATLAS Pillars is typically used on the homepage to show an overview of service offerings, or as buttons to redirect to main features that users want immediate navigation to. This is Especially important as way to deep link on mobile, since tertiary pages (dropdown items on main navigation on desktop) are not seen when viewing on a mobile device. 

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

Adding An ATLAS Pillars

1: At the top of yourGrid Layout you are working in, press the hamburger button and select, “add new widget” . If you do not already have a Grid Layout to drop this in, add a Grid Layout to the page by clicking on the main hamburger at the top of the page, then continue with the instructions.


2: In the Widget directory—find “ATLAS-Pillars”, click on it, and then press the green select button in the lower right of the window. 

3: First, Scroll down to the “Design” section. To pick how you want your pillars to be displayed.

  • Looking at the “Graphic” dropdown field this is where you can pick if you would like to use images or icons on your pillar. 

    • If you chose “Image” it will give you an upload image button.

    • If you chose “Icon” this will give you a link to go find icons to pick from in Fort Awesome. The link can be found in the first pillar section. Copy the text below the icon you would like to use & paste into the Icon Field in Kentico. Example: “fa-corn”


  • If you would like pillars to be clickable redirects (links), scroll to the bottom of the widget window and check the "Wrap Pillar with Link".   This adds a "Pillar Link Wrapper" field under each pillar property. You can use internal links, external links, or links to documents in your media library.

4: Looking at the “Content” section,you can have up to 6 Pillars in an ATLAS Pillars Widget. Select how many pillars that you want in the drop-down field. It is important to indicate how many pillars you would like to have per row on each screen. Do so by typing the number in the designated text box. For each pillar, select an image and type the appropriate header and text. 
Note: Pillars have maximum length limits that change based on the size and number of pillars. Always check your work on Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile screens to ensure it looks how you want it. 

5: Start filling out the pillar. Description in photo.


6:Push Save & Close in the bottom right!