Newsfeed Folder

Why Create a Newsfeed Folder?

You may run into a situation where you need to add a brand-new newsfeed to a site. These are the instructions for setting up a News Folder. If you would like to know how to add an article or set up a newsfeed on a page please see the documentation or youtube video for those topics.

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Setting Up the Newsfeed Folder

1: Determine where you would like the folder to be located—often this is under an already created page like “News.” The one you choose will be referred to as the parent page: 

2: Click on the desired parent page in the content tree, then press the + sign at the top of the content tree to add a new page type under.

3: From the page type options list,  Select the "Folder" page option

4:Name the folder with the desired newsfeed name and press save. Usually, newfeed folders are named with the type of articles that will be in it, such as "agronomy news": "CompanyName News" etc

5: Click on “Properties” tab across the top of the page view. Then select “Template” from the dropdown:

6: Once on the Template setting page, select the radio button to choose the option to select own page template:

7: Once this option is chosen, you will be able to click the select button

8: From the options of page template, find and choose the ATLAS-Newsindex template and hit select

9: Press save at the top of the of the Template Setting page: