What Are Events?

Events display something happening that you would like to invite, or make your customers aware of. Events could be a plot day, company meeting, or even just a special that you are running at one of your locations. Events will automatically remove themselves from your site sonce the event day has been completed.

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Adding an Event

1: Open up the events section and highlight the page just above the listed events

2: With the page events page highlights (step 1), click on the plus sign (+) at the top of the content tree

3: Kentico will prompt you to select a page type. Select “Event (booking system)” as your page type. DO NOT select the option “Event."

4: The highlighted sections in the picture below are all fields you should fill out. The title and start date AND end date are the only required fields, but best practice is that you fill out each field. See last page to visualize where each of these fields appears on the event.

5: Select a thumbnail image. There may be a folder in your media library with pre-populated thumbnail images that you can select from. Otherwise, upload a photo that is 350 x 300 pixels in size for the featured image of the article.

6: Set a publish date or press save at the top of the page to immediately publish the event.

Example of how events look and where information is displayed: