Directory: Locations, People, Departments

What Is the Directory?

The directory is a major application in Kentico that you should be utilizing frequently. The directory houses your location, people & department information and is uesd to bring those onto the pages of your site. All information is managed in the back end of the site in the directory application & is pulled in automatically to the front, 

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Adding/Editing a Location, Employee or Department

1: Navigate to the Directory either from your home screen, or by clicking on the kentico button at the top right of the webpage and open the search bar. Search for “Directory”

2: The directory allows you to edit/add an employee, department or location by clicking on the appropriate section in the left side bar:

3: To simply edit a location, employee, or department, click on the green pen next to the row that you want to edit.

4: To add a new location, employee, or department

At the top left of the web page, click on the green “New Location”, “New Department”, or “New Employee Button”.

5: Fill in the information on the following page and press save. Location is the only unique section that requires some specific information. A location needs to be tied to a minimum of 1 service by checking one or more of the service boxes depending on the location.

It also needs longitude and latitude. To find the longitude and latitude, go to and type in your address. Then generate the lat/long and copy it into Kentico:

6: After editing or adding your information, press save at the top left.

7: After adding a location or department, you can add employees to a location/department by clicking on Department/Location employees on the left side bar.

8: To delete an employee, simply check the box of the employee you would like to delete and press remove selected:

9: To add an employee (must be already created), click on “Add Items”. A full list of all employees will appear and check the boxes of the employee(s) that you would like to add to the location or department, then press select:

10: To order employees, they will need added in order. Check your first employee, then press select, then press save. Repeat for all following employees. If you are adding a single employee to the middle of a list of already added employees…all employees will need to be removed from the department/location and re-added to include the new employee.