Cropping Photos in Photoshop

Why do you need to Crop Photos?

Cropping photos for your site is important, so your photos fit nicely on your web page.It is especially important as raw photos uploaded straight into your website can slow the site down. Cropping to the correct size will help it look good & optimize your site. 

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

1: go to File>New


2: Make sure that your preset is customer and put your width and height as the desired pixels. This will give you a working area that is the correct size you want it to be cropped to.


3: Drag a photo from your files explorer and drop it into the photoshop window. It will center itself into the working area and is adjustable from here. By holding the Shift key, you can keep your photo from getting stretched. Adjust your photo to fit within the space and press enter:


After pressing enter, your photo will crop itself to fit the size of the working area.

Save the image as a medium resolution photo—this will optimize it for the web!