Creating Location Pages

What is a Location Page?

Each location can have its own location detail page. This page is access by clicking on the "More Details" link in a locations map or table located on your site.

The page include a map, image of the location & all other information contributed to the directory. It also has a large area that can be used versitally for more specific information such as location employees, location services, contact information and more.

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

1: Open up the location folder in the content tree


2: Right click on the sample location and chose “copy” from the dropdown


3: In the window that opens, click on locations again, then press copy



4: Click on the Form Tab


5: Use the dropdown to change the location, then type the name of that selected location in the “name” text box:


Like This:


Then press save


6: Click on properties, then click on URL from the dropdown


7: Change the Page Alias to match the new location name you typed in the form tabAle


Press Save

8: Delete out any page alias’ that appear. There should be ZERO page alias’. Click on the red can to delete them.