Creating a Service for a Location

What is a Service

Each of your locations is unique & often offer different services to your customers. Services is also how you can bring in particular locations onto a certain page. That way all your feed locations show up on your feed page & no other location. 

Download the PDF Version

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Adding A Service Option for a Location.

Every location must have a service tied to it. If you add a location and do not see a suitable service box to check, you can create a new service.

1: Navigate to “Widget Categories”. You can do this either from your home page or by clicking on the kentico logo in the top left corner and using the search bar to find it:

2: Click on “New Category” in the top left corner:

3: Use the drop down menu next to “widget” to select “RP-Locations”. Then type the name of your new service in the field titled “Category.”

4: Press save in the top left corner.

After saving, your new service category will appear as an option for you to check under your location!