Creating a News Article

What is a News Artical Page?

We recently rolled out a new ATLAS-News page type that allows for better functionality in terms of overall look, content contribution, and user experience. Below are the instructions on how to add a new article.

*this must first be set up on your site by the ATLAS Development team. If you do not have the new ATLAS-News page type set up and would like it, please contact ATLAS Support:

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

1: Navigate to your news folder on your site, click on it, then press the plus sign at the top of the content tree:


2: Select “ATLAS-News” from the page type options


3: Begin filling out the form. News Title = the title of the article, Release Date = Should be the date you want the article appear from. News Summary = the brief summary the reader can see on the home or news page before clicking to read the article. News Text = the article itself. Inset links, pictures, graphs etc. Design using different text styles, bold, italics, or colors. News Thumbnail Image = the image that will appear on the home/news page before clicking into the article and will also appear in the top right of the article itself.


Side Bar Settings—in the new template, there is a side bar option! The default is to have the 3 most recent news articles appear in the side bar along with the title “Read More News” However, you can switch this to display other articles of the same category.




This is a new feature! It allows you to categorize your different articles. For exampele—you can categorize all your agronomy articles with “agronomy”. Then a user can click on that category and only pull in the articles that are also categorized as “agronomy”. This is similar to how blogs function with tags—however with a news article they are referred to as categories.

To create a category, click on “add categories”


Then click on “new” at the top of the window that appears:


Make sure it is a site category and then fill out the display name with what you want that category to be:


To select categories for you article, click on add categories and then check all the boxes that you want that article tagged as. Your site categories are anything that doesn’t have “global after them:


Lastly, the WYSIWYG allows you to put whatever you want in the sidebar—use it for banners, other widgets, additional information.


4: After you’re done formatting your article, press save & you’re good to go!