Categorizing a NEwsfeed

Why Categorize a Newsfeed?

News can be categorized to give a user an easier time navigating the content they are interested in. Unlike tagging, categorizing means selecting just 1 category for a news article; so categories are often a big broad topic such as Ag Tech, Feed, Agronomy, Company Updates etc.

If you are utilizing categories for your news articles, you can also categorize your newsfeeds. This is especially handy if you are wanting only articles categorized as Agronomy to be on the Agronomy page of your website.

The documentation below explains how to first add a newsfeed to your webpage categorizing (skip to the last few steps) a newsfeed, if you have not yet assigned categories to a news article, please see the documentation for that

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Setting Up the Newsfeed Widget On Your Site

1: On the page you would like to have a newsfeed, you will first need to place a grid layout to house newsfeed. If you would like the newsfeed full width, in the configuration settings of the grid layout, the only thing you need to change is to have 3 rems of padding on top and 3 rems of padding on bottom.

2: Press the hamburger button of the grid layout you created and select “add new widget”

3: From the widget directory, find the ATLAS Newsfeed widget and click select on the widget directory window:


Newsfeed Version: Listing


4a: If you would like the newsfeed in a list layout, do the following configuration settings the ATLAS-Newsfeed widget:

The other settings should com in automatically and  do not need to be changed. If your setting look like below, press “Save & Close”, otherwise modify to match the image


Newsfeed Style Version: Card Layout


4b: To have the newsfeed appear in the card layout, do the following configuration settings to the ATLAS-Newsfeed widget.

Open Additional Settings and configure to look like the window below:

Widget Container:

Pulling in a Specific Category

Through a recent update to the Newsfeed widget, you are now able to select which category you would like the newsfeed to display. Now at the top of the widget, there are configuration settings for categories under the source of the newsfeed:

1: Click the grey select button next to the categories field.

2: In the next window your category options will appear. Those labeled “global” are platform categories and should not be used to categorize articles or selected as you newsfeed option. "Personal Categories" should also not be used—these categories will only appear under you session as a logged on user—others are unable to see them.
Select one of your site categories for the newsfeed to display:

3: Your category selected will now appear in the field. If it looks correct, hit save & close and your newsfeed will only bring in articles with that category: