Button Widget

What is an ATLAS Button?

Buttons are clickable displays of text. They are typically enclosed in a rectangle, and the text is typically a call to action. They can redirect to any link or anchor tag.

Why have an ATLAS Button?

Sometimes you might want a user to complete a call to action or navigate to another page. Buttons are a way to redirect a user from one page to another. 

How do you use ATLAS Buttons?

ATLAS Buttons should not replace top-level navigation. Use ATLAS Buttons to redirect users to areas of interest, such a form, PDF, or deeper linking into the site. 

Download the PDF Version

Want to save this information in your files? Not a problem! Download the PDF by clicking the button below.

Adding ATLAS Button 

1: At the top of your Grid Layout you are working in, press the hamburger button and select, “add new widget” 


2: In the Widget directory—find “ATLAS-Editable text”, click on it, and then press the green select button in the lower right of the window. 


Creating The Buttons

3: After adding the ATLAS Button widget, enter widget properties. Press the FIRST Source Button, and enter the following code into the text box.
<div style="text-align: center;"><a class="button btn-primary button--primary" href="Enter URL here">Enter button text here</a></div>

4: Be sure to replace the "Enter URL here" with the redirect URL. Also replace the "Enter button text here" with the text that you want the button to say. 
5: Push Save & Close in the bottom right!