Blog Thumbnail Image Contribution for Engage vs Connect

What is the difference?

While they use the same page type, blogs in Connect vs Enagage display a different image as the thumbnail in the blog feed. We have updated the page type to include a way to distinguish which blog you are contributing to.

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Due to the way blogs images are handled in your Engage website versus blogs in the Connect portal, we needed to create a way for a user to distinguish between which the blog is for. When you are in the Engage website, traditionally you have used the Title Image field to display a thumbnail for the blog feed. However, in the Connect portal—you use the Teaser Image field to contribute it.

Since both the Connect and Engage blog use the page type, we created a new dropdown field that will allow you to select which blog you are contributing to.
After selecting the correct blog type, the form fields will reveal the Title Image field if the public blog is selected, or keep it hidden if the portal blog is selected.
Note: You should continue to contribute blogs in their normal folders, (Connect blog under the portal folder). Using the dropdown will not sort them automatically to their correct folders.

When the public blog (Engage website) is selected, the title image field will display for a user to contribute the thumbnail image for the blog feed. The field is located under “custom fields”.

When the portal blog (Connect portal) is selected, there will be no title image field. A user should use the post teaser field to contribute a thumbnail image for the portal blog feed: