What is a Banner?

Banners are an extremely important part to marketing your website. You can promote products, events, news articles and more using the banners widget.

We can also track analytics through banners. We can see “impressions,” meaning how many people viewed the banner. We can also track “banner clicks” to see how many people interacted with the banner.

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Banners can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common one is a full width banner that is 1280 x 375 pixels in size:Banners can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common one is a full width banner that is 1280 x 375 pixels in size:

They are created in photoshop or some kind of design software and the jpg is imported into the Media Library.

If you need a banner created, or are looking for an already created product banner, you can submit an asset request & select "banner" from the options. Then describe the banner that you need & we will work with you to create it.  

Placing A Banner

1: Upload your banner into the media library by going to the media library module, finding the appropriate folder for your banner. Then click on upload and grab the banner from your computer.

2: Navigate to the Banners module, either from your home page or from the kentico search bar:

3: Click on “New Banner Category” and name your category (display name) something signifying where you will place it. Examples include “Full Length Home Banner” “Energy Page Banner” “Agronomy Banner”. This will help you remember which banner goes where! Then press save.

4: On the next page, click on “New Banner.” Fill in the information. Display Name should signify what the banner is about, URL is for the url that you want the banner to click to, you can leave weight at the default setting. Select the Banner image and grab your image from the media library. Pres save when you are finished.

Dropping the Banner on a Page

1: Navigate to where you want the banner placed on a page.

2: Add a new foundation section for the banner to live in. It will default to the bottom of the page after you add it, so grab it and drag it to where you want it.

3: Click on the hamburger button on the new foundation to open the menu and select add a new widget. Find “RP-Banner” from the widget library and press select.

4: Select the banner category you would like to display by clicking on select and then choosing your banner from the list:

5: Save and close and your banner will appear on the page! Press save on the page.