Automated Email Analytics

What is an Automated Email Analytic Report?

An Automated Email Analytic Report is an emailed report that is automatically sent every morning for three days after an email campaign was sent, providing immediate analytics on that email campaign. This is a great way to gather data and information from an email campaign to understand how to follow up after an email is sent. Analytics provide recipients direct data, so you know who clicked, opened and who to follow up with.

Automated Email Analytic Reports are established under “Contact Groups” of your site. Once a contact group is established, a report will be provided for every email that is sent as an email campaign.

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Setting Up Automated Email Analytics:

1: Ensure that your email type is set up as an “Email Campaign”. Newsletters are not setup to received automated reports.

2: After confirming the email type, go to the “Contact Groups” application.

3: Click the “New Contact Group” button at the top left.

4: Name the new contact group “WU Automated Campaign Report”. It is important that you use this exact name word for word for your contact group.

5: You can either Select “Add Contacts” to add recipients of the Automated Email Analytic Report that may already exist in your contact management library.

5b: If you need upload a new contact, please go to the Contact Management application to upload a .csv file with your additional contact. To view how to do this, please see our documentation on uploading new contacts into a group