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Social Media Answers

Apr 08, 2019

With the crop season either underway for our friends in the south, or just getting rolling for those in the north, Social Media is a great way to grab the attention of your customers stuck sitting in a cab all spring! However, when it comes to social media, how do you track it and know it is effective? And on the other side of things, how do you know if you're posts are even being seen? Are you posting too much? Too little?

There's lots of questions when it comes to social media so we found 2 awesome articles that really lay out some nice answers to help us!

1. How Often to Post on Social Media?

We featured this article in our April Fools Newsletter but it's so good we had to share it again! In this article, Louise Myers lays out the "rules" on posting frequency and how to get noticed by the right people in your audience. This is a must read! 

2. 21 FREE Social Media Analytics Tools

How well did your post do? How do you justify paying for paid advertisements or promoted posts on social media? Analytics are the answers to those questions! Analytcs play a HUGE role in the social media campaign process. This article goes over 21 ways to measure your posts for FREE! 

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