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SEO File Naming Suggestions

Jun 01, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving process that digital marketers are constantly trying  to determine best practices. During our Blob Storage update, we are renaming image folders to be named using lowercase letters.

Google prefers these clean looking URLs because they have literally billions of URLs to crawl and the easier it is to read, the better they will score your website and all the URLs associated with it.

All images and files located on the website, have a URL that is crawled, and your file name is a part of it. Therefore it is important to consider how you are naming files before you upload them into Kentico.

Name Files in Lower Case and Leave No Spaces

When naming files or images that you will upload on the site, take a few moments to consider how to name it. Here are some quick do’s vs don’t when naming files:
Do Don't
Use names that describe the file such as "coop-grain-silo" or "2020-grain-credit-application" Use generic names like "img-12341" or "application"
Use hyphens (-) instead of spaces Use spaces or underscores
Make all words in the file name lowercase Capitalize ome or all words

Before you go and rename all your files in Kentico, remember that editing existing names will break the current URL on the site. Even if you change a file name from “Cattle-Image” to “cattle-image” it will change the URL due to being capital sensitive. So proceed with caution, or just start using SEO friendly naming conventions starting now.

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