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Make Email Analytic Reporting Easier

Sep 02, 2020

We’re making email analytic reports easier to access.  Automatic email analytic reports are now available for you immediately after setup. The new automated report saves you time by getting email analytics delivered directly to your email inbox around 6 am CST after email is sent. The report provides details about which recipients have opened and/or clicked on the email communication, allowing your team to follow up with those recipients listed.
Report Details:
  • The report is only generated for emails that are classified as "Email Campaigns" and is not generated for "Newsletters" (Learn the differences here).
  • Contact list for receipents receiving the report can be added or updated at any time prior to 6 am CST.
  • Each "email campaign" sent generates a report, see and example here.
  • All report times are listed in Military Universal Time. (Need help? Click here.) Universal Time Calculator
  • Automated email analytic reports run at 6:00am CST everyday, minus Sunday.  They are generated  72 hours after an email is sent or earlier (Monday reports will reflect analytics for the past 96 hours).
  • Contacts for those receiving the analytic report must be included in a contact group titled "WU Automated Campaign Report".

If you need help setting up the automated report—please reach out to your DTT (Digital Transformation Team) contact and they will assist you.

Jessica Irvine
Katie Forsberg
Trisha Johnson
Elizabeth Woodside

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