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Log In Troubles?

Dec 27, 2018

Ever hop on your computer, ready to edit something on the site, and find that you cannot log in? It can be very frustrating, and it happens to us sometimes too! We have found that there are a multitude of reasons that your log-in may not be working, so pinpointing the exact thing we need to do to get you back in can be difficult. We have compiled a list of some troubleshooting items you can try!

1: Have you tried resetting your password?
We know it seems basic, but sometimes it’s the basic issues that we overlook. Try resetting your password.

Pro tip: Is your caps lock on? Sometimes that can be hard to detect when filling out a password.

2: Are you a Single Sign On (SSO) user?
Some ATLAS customers have Single Sign On implemented on their site. This means you need to log in differently. Let your site load, then add the /admin at the end of the URL. There you will see the log in screen.
Already doing that and still having issues? Make sure you are using a secure URL use https:// instead of http:// at the beginning of your URL.

3: Clear your cache/browsing history.
This should always be your first step when having log-in problems. Your browser saves your different sessions as you use Kentico. It stores these up and saves the memory—but this can sometimes cause issues. Since you do so much work in Kentico—your cache can get overloaded very quickly. Clearing your cache often will help prevent the buildup.

Pro tip: Work in an incognito or private browser to prevent your cache from building up so fast. Private browser windows do still need to be cleared from time to time.

4: Contact the Log In Support line
If the first 3 tips do not work, please contact the ATLAS Support Line:
We have 3 awesome team members monitoring this inbox who specialize in log in issues. They should be able to resolve any issue—and have the ability to run issues up the line if they cannot. They will either call, or contact you via email after submitting your request.

Pro Tip: let customer support know what you have already tried. Also if you have any screenshots of the error messages you are seeing—please attach those to the email.

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