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Locations Updates that Your Mobile Users Will Love

Sep 30, 2019

Helping customers find the information they need about your company is so important! Making it easy to do on mobile is even more important in the world we live in. That's why we've updated 2 things that will help your mobile users navigate your location inforamation a little easier

Location Detail Pages Now Open in The Same Window

Previously, location detail pages would open in a new window or tab. This made mobile expierence a little tricky as a user couldnt simply hit the "back button" to go back to your full location list. With harvest season upon us--this can be critical if you have your location hours on your location pages so your customers know when they can drop off grain! 

Email Addresses are Hyperlinked to Open an Email to that Individual

Some of you have email addresses listed for each location, whether it is a generic email or a location  manager's email. Before this information was purely visual--now it's interactive. Users can click on the email address to begin an email using their preferred email application. On mobile this is especially nice so users dont have to try & remember the address while they type it into their email application.  

Both of these items were requested by ATLAS customers. Often, you are our best way to know what we should improve or create for the ATLAS platform! If you ever have a suggestion or question, feel free to drop us a comment in our Contact Form! 

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