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Latest News From Facebook, Youtube and More!

Nov 16, 2018

YouTube algorithm changes bring back the Long-Form
An interesting different POV on snackable content. A recent look at YouTube’s algorithm shows that the service has shifted its recommendation algorithm from focusing on short, bite-size videos to longer-form content.  That may seem counterintuitive when most video views are happening on smartphones, but 54% of those video views are of content 20 minutes in length or longer. YouTube’s algorithm is only encouraging this behavior. 
A recent study from Pew Research Center found the YouTube’s algorithm emphasizes two main factors. First, it drives users to popular creators. Second, it drives users to content that’s long-form, which means it’s at least nine and a half minutes. There’s one simple reason for this shift: advertising.
The era of pre-roll dominance is over. Now, we have pre-roll, post-roll and the potential for multiple mid-roll ads in the midst of longer-form content, and all of this is coming about in the age of ad blockers and users being less likely to engage in ad content. This move is purely motivated by monetary reasons, but it also flies in the face of the myth that short, bite-size content is the holy grail. That’s certainly the case for ads, but when it comes to assets designed for people to lean back and consume, the longer, the better.

Facebook Quietly Launches TikTok Competitor
Facebook’s new app Lasso is now available to download on iOS and Android. Lasso is Facebook’s take on the app TikTok, which has a considerably large teen user base. 
Much like TikTok, users of Lasso can create short videos with music tracks and video editing tools. Users can see what hashtags are trending and add hashtags to their own content. They can also follow popular content creators if they want.
Typically, Facebook’s standalone apps that attempt to duplicate features of existing platforms (e.g., Poke was a Snapchat clone) fail to gain users and fall flat. But that’s really not the point.
This is a play to collect more data on users and to see what they can learn that can be folded into existing, more established platforms (e.g., Instagram got Stories), so I wouldn’t expect Lasso to be a resounding success. Instead, it’s an experiment with two goals for Facebook. Can Lasso identify what teens find so alluring about TikTok? If so, how can Facebook capitalize on that understanding?
Quick Updates

  • LinkedIn’s Company Pages have been rebuilt from the ground up and are now called LinkedIn Pages. The updated pages will make it easier on businesses managing their presences on the platform with the ability to post updates and respond through LinkedIn’s mobile app. They can also associate their pages with hashtags to help them participate in relevant conversations. Lastly, they can share documents like Word docs, PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations. Previously, they were limited to images, text and video.

  • Facebook Messenger is rolling out an Unsend feature that lets users delete messages within ten minutes of sending them.

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