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Fall is Almost Here, Are Your Content Calendars Ready?

Aug 08, 2018

Before you know it, the crisp air of fall will be hitting our faces. We'll turn off our air conditioners, pull out the fuzzy sweaters, and start adding pumpkin spice to EVERYTHING. 

There will also be a transition from talking about in-season mangagement, to discussing harvest. Do your content calendars include harvest topics? Struggling to come up with more? Check out our list below of potential things to talk about during your fall agronomic communications:

  • Fall Burndown

  • Combine head heights

  • Silage Chopping

  • Last Cut of Alfalfa

  • Prepping your alfalfa for winter

  • Mositure Testing

  • Fall Soil Sampling

  • ​Impact of In-season diseases on harvest

  • Corn Test Weight

  • Stalk Rot and Lodging Issues

  • Harvest List

  • Grain Bin Safety

  • Crown Rot in Corn

  • Cover Crops Seeding and Management

  • Seed Selection

  • Value Added Traited Seeds

  • Fall Fertlizer Applications

  • Anhydrous Ammonia

  • Continuous Corn 

  • Continuous Beans

  • Winter Wheat

  • ​Assessing Harvest Data

  • Checking for Yield Loss on Combines

  • Residue Management

  • Preview of New Hybrids for 2019

  • Cover Crops for Conservation

  • Late Season Weather Impact

  • Preemergence Herbicide Use on Winter Wheat

  • Late Emerging Volunteer Wheat

  • Stalk Rots in Grain Sorghum

  • Fall Fungicide Treatments

  • Soil Water and Wheat

  • Winter Wheat Scouting

  • Tillage Considerations

  • Soil Compaction

  • Grain Sorghum

    Need more ideas? Work with your DTM, or contact a Business team member to chat about potential fall campaigns.

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