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CROPLAN Seed Campaign Opportunities

May 07, 2019

Wheat & Alfalfa Opportunities for Your Customers

There are two opportunities for CROPLAN Wheat & CROPLAN Alfalfa that we think your customers may be interested in taking advantage of! We are working on putting together campaign assets if desired to use this as an email marketing or social media campaign! Please contact us if you would like to learn more about sending this information via campaign.


The Midwest Forage Association (MFA) & CROPLAN Alfalfa have teamed up to provide an opportunity for those who sign up for a MFA Membership. MFA represents forage producers, users, educators, and industry representatives within the upper Midwest. The association was established on March 31, 2004, with the help of industry leaders including CROPLAN® Alfalfa. Since its inception, MFA has made great strides in bringing long‐overdue attention to the forage industry and continues to serve as the premier source of forage industry news, information, and advocacy.
To view the benefits of MFA, including a print out that you can utilize if you are going to send a campaign, please click here!
One of the benefits of joining the MFA for customers is that they get a coupon book featuring a variety of special deals specifically for MFA members. CROPLAN seed has a coupon where if you buy 5 bags of Alfalfa you get a free Carhart jacket—this essentially pays for the 50 dollar MFA membership fee!
This is a great opportunity for your alfalfa growers!

CROPLAN Wheat Contest

Every year the Wheat foundation hosts a national wheat contest. This year, if your customer submit an entry into the contest, CROPLAN seed will cover the entry fee!
Winter Wheat entries are due May 15th, Spring Wheat entries are due August 1st
To learn more about the national contest, click here!
To learn more about submitting your CROPLAN Wheat entry, click here!

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