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Choose Which Image Facebook Scrapes: New Functionality Available!

Aug 06, 2020

Facebook recently changed how it scrapes images from a website to display in a post when a link is shared. The change made it more difficult to pick which picture you would like displayed from the page.

To combat this, we have added in a field in the form tab of each page so you can set the image you would like displayed. This enhancement was made available to ATLAS Engage customers through the August Code release. Not receiving our ATLAS Newlsetter to learn more about the latest enhancements coming? Click here to subsribe.

The release added a field to the form tab of select pages in the ATLAS Engage platform. This field will allow you to select the image you would like Facebook to scrape for displaying alongside the link of the webpage in a post. 

This functionality has been added to the follow page types:
  • ATLAS Page (menu item)
  • ATLAS Content
  • RP Content
  • ATLAS News
  • ATLAS Blog Post
Note: We will drop in a snippet of code onto the root page of your website for Facebook to recognize these fields. We will need to do this before that field is used so if you plan to utilize it, drop us an email to give us a heads up and we will make sure everything is good to go.

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